I’ve found that some of the most helpful resources for my anxiety and overall wellbeing can be found right on my phone. This makes it super convenient since the majority of us always have our phones. After searching and experimenting for years, these are my 5 favorite apps that will better your mental health.

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I love using Betterhelp because it’s so much cheaper than other therapy and you get 24/7 access to a counselor. You schedule weekly live sessions, which can be a video call, a phone call or a live chat. You have the ability to message your counselor at any time between these sessions and there’s even a journaling feature that can be shared or kept private. My counselor typically checks in with me every few days if I don’t message her first, and she gives me “homework” that helps me understand my mental illness better and learn more about myself. Use my link to get a free week, and you’ll give me a free week, too! 🙂


Headspace provides guided meditation and mindfulness exercises to promote a sense of calmness and wellbeing. There are hundreds of meditations to choose from, whether your goal is to relieve stress, better your focus or increase your happiness. There’s also more specific options for those dealing with anxiety, depression, going through change or grief. For me, Headspace has improved my sleep quality and really helped me during a period when I was having trouble falling asleep.


Stoic has helped me a lot with mindfulness and getting a better grasp of my emotions. It’s a mental health tracker that uses daily journaling, meditations and reflections to give you insight on how to improve your mood. It has different exercises for each morning and night, to prepare you for your day and then to reflect on it. While there is a paid version for this app, I use the free version and it’s really beneficial.


Happify uses games and other activities to help you overcome negative thoughts and stress. This app has a large variety in activities, including guided meditation, quizzes, brain-training games and inspiring articles. This also has a paid and a free version. The free version has been great for me, but the paid version goes more in depth by giving you a 20 page character strength report, daily tracking, and unlimited access to all games and activities.


Moodpath is a customizable app that allows you to track your wellbeing. Every two weeks, you get a summary report of how you felt that you’re then able to share with counselors. It also includes a journaling feature and gives you feedback for your emotions each day. Resources are given to help you based on the exercises you complete. The exercises included in this app train you to let go of negative thoughts and increase mindfulness, while also having many other options for thos struggling with high stress levels, sleeping issues and much more.

All of these apps are so helpful in their own way. I have tried so many, and these are by far my favorites. Therapy can be hard to commit to and very expensive, so having these alternative options is so beneficial. Try out these 5 apps that will better your mental health and let me know how they work for you in the comments!