I know that many of us have been searching for new things to do while quarantined. It can be hard to find something to keep us entertained every single day. I made a list of 50 ideas, so that you can make the most of all this free time you have!

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  1. Learn a new language.
  2. Grow a plant (or a few).
  3. Learn an instrument.
  4. Take an online class in something that interests you.
  5. Start a new workout plan.
  6. Learn to cook.
  7. Embrace nature.
  8. Start journaling.
  9. Explore the parks around you (if they’re open).
  10. Have an at-home spa day.
  11. Plan your next trip.
  12. Box-dye your hair a new color (might as well try it while no one can see it!)
  13. Start a blog/YouTube channel.
  14. Do a puzzle.
  15. Write letters to family and friends.
  16. Color in an adult coloring book.
  17. Make your own tea.
  18. Reread your favorite book.
  19. Declutter your closet.
  20. Rearrange your furniture.
  21. Find fun crafts on Pinterest.
  22. Make a bucket list of everything you want to do when we return to normal life.
  23. Cover your driveway in chalk art.
  24. Watch old home videos.
  25. Have a virtual happy hour with your friends.
  26. Experiment with new makeup looks.
  27. Stream a live concert or musical.
  28. Make an appointment for a virtual therapy session (everyone can benefit from therapy).
  29. Decorate cookies.
  30. Make a quarantine diary.
  31. Start a virtual book club.
  32. Start bird-watching in your backyard.
  33. Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  34. Write reviews for your favorite businesses.
  35. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.
  36. Go on a drive with the windows down and play your favorite music.
  37. Create a vision board.
  38. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories.
  39. Make a family tree.
  40. Meditate.
  41. Do yoga under the sun.
  42. Watch a TED Talk.
  43. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.
  44. Build a blanket fort.
  45. Have a campfire and roast s’mores.
  46. Cook a fancy dinner and get dressed up.
  47. Make art with paint or oil pastels.
  48. Grow your own vegetables.
  49. Repaint a room in your house that you’ve been wanting to change.
  50. Take a nap 🙂

I hope these help! For more ideas and activities, I highly recommend this Stay at Home Survival Bundle by Ultimate Bundles, which includes a variety of resources for kids and parents, self care, organization, and tips for working from home. There’s something for everyone!

Enjoy these activities and stay healthy! If you have any other suggestions or any favorites, let me know in the comments!