Doing your makeup in the morning can sometimes take up a lot of time, especially if you have drawers full of seemingly endless eyeshadow palettes like me! That’s why when one of my close friends, Natalia, began working with a new makeup company that sells minimalistic and affordable makeup, I was instantly interested. This adorable makeup is perfect for moms, students, travelers and everyone in between. I asked Natalia to share her experiences with Maskcara Beauty with us on my blog, so that together we can bring convenience to more people’s lives without sacrificing confidence.

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Meet Natalia!

meet Natalia

Hi! My name is Natalia and I am a music therapy major at Cleveland State University. I am passionate about self-care, self-love, music, and beauty. I also love a good thrift find, and adore traveling. My biggest goal in life is to help others. 

My venture as a Maskcara Beauty artist…

 As a student, I found that I was always frustrated with makeup routines that took me a long time to do, and I never had the time or money to spend at high-end makeup stores. What I love about this makeup is that I can order everything online, shipping is always free, and I can do my morning routine in as little as five to ten minutes.

What we offer

The makeup comes in adorable tins, and all the tins fit conveniently into a single compact. So with one compact, you can access your foundation, contour, illuminator, lip color, lip liner, blush, color corrector, brightener, eyebrow filler, eye shadow, and eye liner in a single place. Then you just add some mascara, and you are good to go! We also offer amazing brushes for an easy and flawless application.

maskcara color match

Another feature that I love is the Maskcara Beauty color matching system. Because I am an artist with Maskcara, you can simply send me a no-makeup selfie with natural lighting, and I will match you to the products that will work best for you! (If you’re super pale like me, you know the never ending struggle of finding a foundation that isn’t too dark!)

When you buy at least four tins together, you automatically get a free compact. I love that the compacts are completely customizable, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own palette. All the products are cruelty free, inexpensive, and come in gorgeous packaging! They are also extremely high-quality. 

Get in touch with me!

I run a Facebook group where I go live in the mornings with journaling prompts, makeup routines, and just offer a supportive space! I also have an Instagram where I regularly post. To look through products we offer or to make a purchase, visit our website here.

Basically, think of me as your own personal little makeup artist! I am happy to assist you in any way. If you have any questions about the products, application, or ordering — don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help!

If you are interested in this adorable makeup, but don’t have the money to purchase it yourself, here are three ways to easily earn free makeup:

  1. Host an online class or party. With this, you provide the guest list, and I provide the rest through fun and interactive tutorials, giveaways, and more!
  2. Ask me about setting up your own influencer link. Every time a product is purchased through your link, you will earn free makeup!
  3. Become an artist! While this does require a small startup fee at the beginning, you receive a bunch of makeup to start off with, and quickly earn back the cost of the startup fee. You earn commission for each order, earn free makeup, and can even receive bonuses. This is great for college students looking for an extra source of income.

I hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and well in these times. Contact me at any of the links above for any questions!

xoxo, Natalia