Throughout high school, people always told me that college was going to be the best four years of my life. Of course it is, for some people. That wasn’t the case for me, and I soon realized I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. College is hard, and getting through it with mental health issues makes it a whole lot harder. My anxiety that I had been dealing with my whole life suddenly got worse, and I honestly didn’t know if I could make it through my degree. I was starting to feel like I just wasn’t a “school person” and maybe I would be better off finding a different route.

Having this anxiety over school forced me to find new ways to deal with my mental health. I knew I couldn’t live like this for four years, dreading every day and feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere. The fact that I was having this anxiety gave me more anxiety. If you’ve had that feeling, you know how overwhelming it is. 

I don’t want this to sound like I’ve overcome my anxiety, because I haven’t. I still deal with it all the time, but these are some ways I’ve found that help to cope with it.

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Create a good support system.

I’ve been lucky enough to have always had a good support system. My family has always been extremely supportive of me. I’m thankful that Shawn and I go to the same school and have similar classes because he is always right there and knows how to calm me down. I know that whatever I do, I will always have people who support me.

Let yourself have mental health days.

*If* your classes have an attendance policy, look at how many you can miss without losing credit. There are a lot of days when I wake up and just don’t want to go to school, but sometimes I really need to take a mental health day. Save your absences for when you really need them.

Get to know people in your classes.

If you do miss a day, it takes off a lot of stress if you know someone in your class who could send you notes or homework from that day. If you get to know a couple people and exchange numbers, it will make you feel less guilty about missing class in the first place.

Find something to look forward to each day.

Having something that you’re looking forward to every day helps with creating a grateful mindset. Even if you can’t think of anything, you can always find something. Even something as simple as taking a relaxing bath or watching your favorite show after your classes will give you a little extra motivation to get through the day.

Use natural remedies.

By no means am I against medication for anxiety, but there are a lot of natural remedies that can help for those who don’t take medicine or maybe need something extra. I use essential oils all the time. Lavender and eucalyptus oil are both great for anxiety. I have a “stress relief” essential oil that I keep in my school bag at all times! I also use CBD oil every morning and every evening, which has made a big impact on my anxiety. To learn more about natural remedies, check out this Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle .

Plan Ahead.

Meal planning, packing your school bag the night before, and staying ahead on homework assignments are all examples of how you can stay on top of things. My day is always way better if I pack my lunch and organize my things for the day the night before. If I’m able to work ahead on homework, it takes the stress off of trying to get assignments done right before the due date.

Prioritize Yourself!

School is not more important than your mental health! Trying to ignore your anxiety or brush it off will only make it worse. Sometimes taking a break is necessary and we shouldn’t feel bad for doing it. These methods that I use have helped me a lot, but different things work for different people and there’s no shame in reaching out for professional help.

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