I spent a lot of my life feeling bad about being an introvert. As an introvert, it seems that the lives of extroverts are so much easier. But the fast-paced, high-energy lifestyle isn’t for all of us. Introversion has a lot of negative stigma behind it, but it’s often misunderstood. It can be something really great when we look at it the right way. By paying more attention to the advantages of being an introvert instead of the disadvantages, you’ll be able to start a journey of self love and acceptance.

Are you an introvert?

Most people consider themselves either an introvert or an extrovert. However, you can have qualities of both! Here’s a list of common qualities of introverts:

  • You need alone time.
  • You overthink things.
  • You like to watch from the outside.
  • You hate small talk.
  • You have a small group of friends.
  • You prefer to work alone.
  • You are self-aware.
  • You don’t like crowds.
  • Being with other people drains your energy.

My experience with introversion…

Throughout my entire childhood and all through grade school, I was always very shy. Even now in college, I tend to keep quiet and I cherish my alone time. It wasn’t until recently I was able to label my shyness as anxiety. Anxiety and introversion aren’t the same, but many introverts do experience some level of social anxiety. I’ve always preferred to keep a small circle of friends and I will almost always choose staying in over a night out. When I do spend time with a larger group, after a certain period of time I start to feel drained and need to be alone. As I get older, I appreciate the time I have to myself a lot more and I even try to prioritize that time.

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Advantages of Being An Introvert

  1. You’re a great listener. Being an introvert, you can be the person that others come to for advice. A sense of trust is created between you and your friends or family, and your listening abilities will make that person feel understood.
  2. You think before you act. Other people might see it as being indecisive, but you just like to weigh out your options and make sure you’re choosing right. You don’t have to spend time regretting any impulsive decisions.
  3. You’re observant. Introverts tend to watch more than they participate. This means you notice some of the smaller things around you and you can learn to appreciate these parts of life.
  4. You like being alone. You probably don’t spend much time feeling lonely because you love alone time. You don’t need to rely on other people to be with you all the time because your own company is enough.
  5. You’re independent. You prefer to work alone and thrive doing so. You don’t need as much supervision while doing tasks as an extrovert might, and being able to complete something by yourself is so rewarding.

I’m sure many introverts have had a lot of negative experiences with it, like myself. By focusing on these advantages, you’ll realize that being an introvert has a lot of perks! You might find even more advantages to introversion when you look at it more positively.