Taking care of your skin is so important, but if we’re not doing it right it can really damage our skin. As skincare becomes more popular, many people tend to go with the products that are trending, or what is being suggested to them by their friends or by influencers. This can be fine, as long as you know your skin type and what benefits you. I could give you the products that I use every night knowing how well they work for me, but you might get completely different results. Whether your skincare routine includes a quick face wipe or a whole product line-up, here are the top 5 skincare mistakes that are damaging your skin.

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Using the wrong products for your skin type.

It can be hard to figure out what your skin type is, but after some trial and error it’s possible! Trust me, it took me a while to figure it out. Like I said before, my skin care routine can work great for me, but not so much for you. If you can clearly see that a product is irritating your skin, then it’s probably not right for your skin type. It’s smart to think beyond the typical skin types that we’re used to, such as sensitive, oily, dry, and combination skin. Think – do you struggle with acne? Do you have sun damage? Clogged pores? Whatever it may be, research the products that will help your specific needs.

Not washing your face every night.

Whether or not you wear makeup on a daily basis, you should still make it a priority to wash your face every night. Washing your face each night will rid your skin of the dirt, oil and debris that builds up during the day. If you don’t wash your face, all of that will continue to build up. Pollutants, dead skin cells, and sweat need to be washed off after each day. If it’s not, you’ll start to see acne, irritation, dryness, and dullness. Make it a habit to wash these impurities away each night and your skin will be grateful.

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Not moisturizing.

Moisturizing your skin regularly is an important step in a good skincare routine. Not using a moisturizer can lead to dry, dehydrated skin, causing more fine lines and wrinkles. Dryness can also worsen acne. Since the skin on your face is much more sensitive than the skin on your body, it sheds dead skin cells faster. Using a moisturizer helps the skin to repair itself, bringing new skin cells to the surface and giving your skin a younger appearance.

Exfoliating too much.

Over-exfoliating can lead to dry, irritated skin. I find that using a warm washcloth to cleanse my face everyday is enough to get rid of the dead skin cells, and I use an exfoliant maybe once a week. I also use a retinol product every night, and with my super sensitive skin, it can be irritating to exfoliate on top of this. On the days I exfoliate, I skip the retinol. Anyway, exfoliate in moderation to avoid flakiness, raw skin, possible scarring and even damaged blood vessels!

Not wearing sunscreen.

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of this. Wearing a sunscreen on your face everyday throughout the year can have serious benefits for your skin. The UV rays that cause sun damage and skin cancer are hitting your skin no matter the season. They aren’t blocked by clouds, and they’re still present in the winter. Using sunscreen daily will prevent early signs of aging, like wrinkles. Research good facial sunscreens for your skin type. You can even find some that also act as a moisturizer, like this one from CeraVe, so you won’t have to add an extra step to your morning skincare routine.

Most people can probably say they’re guilty of at least one of these. Once you realize something you’re doing might be a mistake, it’s easier to change the habit. By avoiding these top 5 skincare mistakes that are damaging your skin, your face will look younger for longer and some of the problems you experience might go away! Take care of your skin and it will thank you in the long run.

Top 5 Skincare Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Skin | Taking care of your skin is so important, but if we're not doing it right it can really damage our skin.